Road Construction

Road to dump dangerous sewage offsite

Road to dump dangerous sewage offsite
Project Name :   Road to dump dangerous sewage offsite
Karak - Jordan
Location :   Karak - Jordan
Jan 1970
Startup date :   Jan 1970
Project Number :   
Karak - Jordan
Owner :   Ministry of Public Works & Housing
JD 2.488.802
Contract Value :   JD 2.488.802
Completion Date :   2002

Description :

The project consists of constructing 28.5 Km road with average width of 1214- meters The Project construction work includes cut and fill work together with constructing road layers which includes; subgrade, granular sub-base, crushed aggregate base course and binder/wearing courses.

Furthermore the project includes concrete works that is required for the curvets, box curvets and other miscellaneous work.

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