Road Construction

Khaw intersection / Al-Hashmia

Khaw intersection / Al-Hashmia
Project Name :   Khaw intersection / Al-Hashmia
Al-Hashmia - Jordan
Location :   Al-Hashmia - Jordan
Jul 2003
Startup date :   Jul 2003
Project Number :   67/2003
Al-Hashmia - Jordan
Owner :   Ministry of Public Works & Housing
JD 1.662.111
Contract Value :   JD 1.662.111
Completion Date :   2003

Description :

project consists of constructing service roads at the side of the existing road to hold the heavy traffic of the cement factory traffic. The Project construction work includes cut and fill work together with constructing road layers which includes; subgrade, granular sub-base, crushed aggregate base course and binder/wearing courses.

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