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Amman Zarqa Bus Rapid Transit Package 1

Amman Zarqa Bus Rapid Transit Package 1
Project Name :   Amman Zarqa Bus Rapid Transit Package 1
Amman - Jordan
Location :   Amman - Jordan
Mar 2019
Startup date :   Mar 2019
Project Number :   20/2018
Amman - Jordan
Owner :   Ministry of Public Works & Housing
Contract Value :   34500000
Completion Date :   2020

Description :

The project is mainly for the construction of the BRT carriageway, from Mahata area (at Amman down town) to Ain Ghazal Intersection . That will be in the middle of Zarqa Amman road. The project contains:

1) Demolition of the existing middle island of the existing road and construct the BRT double lane carriageway.
2) Construct two intersections Mahata Bridge & Maslakh Underpass
3) Construct a new road lane at each side of the existing road to replace the occupied two lanes used by the BRT.
4) The works shall include removing curbs, traffic signals, asphalted area and replacing it by new ones.
5) Modification existing intersections
6) Traffic diversions with all related temporary road works and necessary signs and barriers
7) All related excavation and backfilling works
8) Mechanical works for storm water drainage systems at the intersections and other places were needed
9) Electrical works for street lighting, signals and pumping systems.

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